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Synopsis for "Live"

Doctor Octopus vs Spider-Man Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 20

Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus, in "Live".

Kraven Earth 1610 Vol 1 20 2002

Kraven's appearance, after Doctor Octopus's defeat, in "Live".

During Dr. Octopus’ press conference, he demands Justin Hammer come out of his limo and face the media for a confession. After Hammer’s refusal, Dr. Octopus begins to force Hammer out only to be stopped by none other than Spider-Man.

The two fight ferociously in front of numerous media outlets. Spider-Man holds his ground this time around and is able to give a good fight to the doctor. Utilizing his web shooters and his prowess, he is able to pin Dr. Octopus to the ground and rip out his tentacles… ending the fight.

Catching his breathe from the intense match, Spider-Man is finally confronted by the infamous Kraven the Hunter.

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