Quote1.png I thought he had super powers or something. Showbiz phony. Quote2.png
-- Spider-Man

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Synopsis for "Hunted"

Kraven vs. Spider-Man, in "Hunted".

As Spider-Man is trying to help Justin Hammer’s aide out of the wrecked limo, he is stopped by Kraven the Hunter. Dodging Kraven’s attack easily, Spider-Man is annoyed with the man’s interference and dispatches him with one blow. All the media looks in awe and applauds as Spider-Man rescues the aide out of the limo. Unfortunately for Hammer, he had suffered a heart attack during the whole ordeal. The reporters on the scene grab a quick interview with the super-hero and Spider-Man tells a bit about his mission.

Otto Octavius Earth 1610 Vol 1 21 2002.png

Returning home extremely late, Peter is confronted by Aunt May who is furious with him arriving home so late. She scolds him when he tells her various lies about where he was. The argument ultimately ends up with Peter getting grounded and sent up to his room. There, he silently watches the news retell of his heroic deeds and Peter smiles to himself.

Meanwhile, in a secure S.H.I.E.L.D. compound, we see Otto Octavius in a containment cell muttering. He has a sudden epiphany when he realizes that Spider-Man is actually Peter Parker.

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