Quote1 So? Huh? How do I look? Better or worse than the last time you saw me? Quote2
-- Norman Osborn to Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

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Synopsis for "Reflections of..."

Harry Osborn Peter Parker Mary Jane Watson Gwen Stacy Kong Earth 1610 Vol 1 22 2002

Harry's return, in "Reflections of..."

While arriving back to school late from a crime event taking place, Mary Jane informs Peter that after the battle between Otto Octavius and Kraven on live TV, Kraven's show has been canceled. Peter informs Mary Jane that seeing each other will be difficult since he's grounded, for violating curfew. During lunch, Peter and Mary Jane notices that Harry is back, after the goblin incident that took place. Harry gets a chance to meet Gwen Stacy, and informs Peter that Norman has invited him to his new location in the city. Peter declines, claiming he's grounded.

Ultimate Norman Osborn Evolved Earth 1610 Vol 1 22 2002

The return of a brand new Green Goblin, in "Reflections Of..."

When Peter arrives home, he notices a limo outside his house, he discovers that the limo was sent by Norman Osborn, along with Ms. Brooke as his escort. Ms. Brooke brief's Aunt May of the Osborn's return, and allows Peter to visit them. Arriving at the Osborn's new location, Harry and Peter catch up, Harry discovers that Mary Jane and Peter are dating, and finds an interest of Gwen Stacy. Harry also mentions that he has a therapist to attend to, during the visit. Peter steps into Norman's Osborn office, along with footage of Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus playing on screen. Confirming that Norman knows about Peter being Spider-Man, Norman tells Peter to give up being Spider-Man, and that he works for him now. Wondering how Norman is alive, Norman claims that he's evolved, injecting a new serum into him, turning himself into a new goblin.

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