Quote1 No, Harry doesn't know that his dad is the next step in human evolution -- or that his best friend is, I mean was, Spider-Man. No. Not yet. Quote2
-- Green Goblin (Norman Osborn)

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Synopsis for "Responsible"

Peter Parker Earth 1610 Vol 1 23

It is revealed that Norman placed Harry into a hypnosis while in Colorado Mountains, after the Goblin incident, at Midtown. Norman threatens Peter that if he refuses to work for him, he do harm towards him and his family.

Arriving home, Peter calls Mary Jane to try to inform her of his current situation. As he tries to convince her to sneak over, he's interrupted by a knock on his basement door. He opens the door to discover it's Gwen, needing a place to hang out. Gwen apparently left home, because her mother had ran off with another individual to Chicago, as her father is not home. Peter informs Aunt May of the situation, and attends to Gwen, as she waits for her father. Captain Stacy arrives to pick up Gwen, and apologizes for the inconvenience.

At school, Peter constantly tries to explain his situation to Mary Jane, but gets interrupted a second time, by Gwen, who thanks Peter and his Aunt May for letting her stay. Peter is called to see Dr. Bradley a second time. When she asks Peter about conflict between Norman and his new Green Goblin form, Peter starts to panic. Demanding answers, it ends off with a figure soon to be revealed through a cloaking device.

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