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  • Limo

Synopsis for "Legacy"

After receiving the black suit, Spider-Man goes to test out the suit by fighting some crime in the city. First, he successfully prevents the kidnapping of a famous pop star by defeating the kidnappers and guiding the hijacked limo to safety. Later, he runs into an old nemesis robbing a bank: The Shocker. With his shockers of no use against Spider-Man’s new suit, The Shocker is easily dispatched by the super-hero’s new powers.

Adoring his new powers. Spider-Man starts chasing after yet another criminal who just committed a murder. In a fit of rage, the suit amplifies Spider-Man’s anger and he nearly kills the criminal. Fighting against the suits influence, Spider-Man’s entire life flashes before his eyes before the suit is obliterated in an explosive flash.


  • This is the only time in the Ultimate Universe that Spider-Man wears the black suit.

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