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Synopsis for "Today"

In Eddie Brock Jr.’s dorm room, he and Gwen are talking about various subjects when Eddie starts to make a move. Gwen immediately rejects his advances and leaves angrily. Turning on the news, Eddie sees Spider-Man’s recent antics and figures out what is happening.

Eddie rushes to the laboratory, to find Peter attempting to steal the rest of the symbiote. Peter explains the entire story of his secret life and what happened to him concerning the symbiote. He explains that it is extremely dangerous and should be destroyed as soon as possible. Feigning understanding, Eddie leaves slowly and Peter heads out of the complex. Heading for a smoke stack, Peter drops the dangerous symbiote into the fire, destroying it forever.

Meanwhile, back at the lab, Eddie returns in a hurry to see that Peter actually took the symbiote. Eddie quickly heads over to the second sample of the symbiote that he had kept a secret from Peter. Dipping his hand into the goo, Eddie reaches for the power that Peter once had.

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