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Quote1.png Don't try to be something else. Don't try to be less. Great things are going to happen to you and your life, Peter. Great things. And with that will come great responsibility. Do you understand? Great responsibility. Quote2.png
Ben Parker

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Synopsis for "With Great Power"

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There is destruction. Dead doctors, scientists, and Harry Osborn (still alive) lie in the rubble and mess that was Osborn Industries. The entire laboratory was demolished. Norman Osborn is no where to be seen. Meanwhile, Peter Parker, in his new Spider-man outfit, is again using his new-found powers to get money in the wrestling industry. After winning yet another wrestling fight, Spider-man goes to the main office to get his earn, but the money has been stolen. Since Spider-Man is the only wrestler with a secret identity, everyone blames him. Spider-man escapes before things turn nasty.

Spider-Man (New Suit), in "With Great Power"

Swinging away, and undressing, now as Peter Parker, walking down a street, Peter notices a robbery. The robber races down the street, past Peter. The shop owners run over to Peter, as the robber gets away. The owners tell Peter he could have easily stopped the robber. Peter says he has his own worries. Getting home, Peter is approached by his aunt and uncle, who have a letter from Peter's school saying that he is failing his subjects. May and Ben talk to Peter about how Peter always wanted high grades, and now he doesn't care about anything anymore. Peter tells them off, and runs away.


Peter jumps over rooftops, thinking about how he wishes he could tell everyone of his abilities. Peter thinks of somewhere he can go, and he goes to Kong's house. Later, there is a party at Kong's place, and everyone is there. Peter is still there also, getting flirted with by Liz Allen, who was drinking that night. Mary Jane comes in the room, and thinks Peter is with Liz, and runs off. Peter runs after her to explain, but Uncle Ben is at the front door, and grabs Peter. Ben scolds Peter for running away from him and Aunt May, Peter doesn't know. Ben tells Peter that his father wanted Peter to become something in his future. That Peter could help people in his future. And that great things will happen in his future. And with those great things will also come great responsibility. Peter then asks Ben where his father is, and runs off. Later, a monstrous beast is in an alley way, looking for cloths. Peter is on a rooftop thinking; he needs to tell May and Ben what is going on with him. He jumps off the roof, heading home. As he walks home, he notices many police cars at his house.


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