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Quote1.png I am, like, the smartest person in Queens... why can't I figure out how to get the lens to stay in my mask? Quote2.png
Peter Parker (Spider-Man)

Appearing in "Average Bear"

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Synopsis for "Average Bear"

In a sporting goods store, Peter is searching for new material for a new costume. Proving to be unsuccessful, Peter returns to school. He and Mary Jane have an awkward exchange where Peter shows that he is still quite bitter toward Mary Jane for their recent break-up.

Unusually, Flash attempts to get Peter to talk to him privately. Due to their troubled past, Peter is quick to dismiss Flash. Later, in an attempt to keep up with his daily crime fighting, Spider-Man rescues a girl from some thugs only to have his costume damaged further.

Back at Aunt May’s house, Gwen convinces Peter to come with her to a house party. It is there where Peter runs into a dolled-up Mary Jane and ignites hidden passions between the two. Meanwhile, in front of the house, a foreign exchange student named Geldoff is seemingly blowing up cars for fun with a dangerously mysterious power.


  • During Peter's exchange with Flash Thompson, we see a poster in the background advertising Carrie Fischer for student council. This is most likely a reference to the actress Carrie Fisher.

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