Quote1 All the things in the world and I am sitting there having a complete nervous breakdown because I am worried that Spider-Man got to him [Peter]. Quote2
-- Aunt May

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Synopsis for "Guilt"

Aunt May is visiting a therapist due to all the recent happenings that have shaken up her life. She recalls the previous night where she went off on Peter for disappearing the entire day. Peter managed to fool Aunt May into thinking he was reading a book the entire day.

Furthermore, Aunt May tells the therapist of her obsession with Spider-Man. She explains that almost every recent major event in her life has Spider-Man involved in one way or another; Events such as the death of Ben, the death of Captain Stacy, and an attack of Midtown High School. She even had a close up encounter with Spider-Man doing his daily crime fighting. She cannot help but think Spider-Man will in some way hurt Peter. Aunt May also confesses to keep Gwen Stacy around to cope with her loss of Captain Stacy (which hints at a possible romantic relationship between the two).

The therapist advises Aunt May that taking in Gwen Stacy is nothing to be upset about and should be admired. She also advises her to spend more time with Peter and that will possibly help with the healing process.

Later, Aunt May arrives home and offers to take Peter to the movies. Peter eagerly accepts as he is eager to spend more time with his Aunt also.

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