Quote1 These creatures, and that's what they are now-- creatures. I mean, everybody is so busy over there with the mutants and The X-Men but meanwhile there's these creatures... these creatures are a real threat to our way of life. They're a threat to our health and our safety. Everyone is looking to make the next super soldier-- the next bio-weapon in human form-- and all we have to show for it are these-- these horrors!! And-- and instead of destroying them... you, we keep poking at them with sticks to see what will happen. Poking and prodding them and trying to duplicate them and we just keep making it worse and worse!! And before you know it (and I know I am right), before you know it, it's all going to come back and it's really not going to be good. Okay? I'm saying this Doc Ock, this Sandman... destroy them!! Don't lock them all away for poking. Destroy them and end this. You're playing around with God's plan and it's going to come back to-- Hey! I'm not joking!!! This is a bad idea!! Quote2
-- Sharon Carter

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Synopsis for "Afterwards..."

After the Doctor Octopus incident, Sharon Carter must record everything that happened after Spider-man beat Ock down. When Sharon and other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents arrive, Spider-man swings away, with the battle finished. Sharon and the agents go into a laboratory, where everything is smashed up and destroyed. There are three scientists in the middle of a room, watching the footage from outside. Sharon and the agents enter the room and begin to question the scientists, and why they didn't leave. The scientist tells her that they won't leave their experiment. Sharon asks "What experiment?" and the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent calls to Sharon, looking into a room. Sharon goes to see what's there, and she sees a naked man, with unusual yellowish skin. Sharon tells the agent to open up the door. The agent goes on a computer, and find the man's record, and door password. Sharon opens the door, and asks the man what he's doing here. The man just stars at her, and the agent notices something on the computer, that is strange. Sharon turns to see what the agent has found, and turns back to the man, who is standing up. The man shoots a massive amount of sand at Sharon and the agents, and everyone is caught up in the sand. The man appears from the sand, as sand, and escapes. Sharon points her gun towards the scientists, demanding to know what that was. The man was named Flint Marko, who went through numerous genetic changes to get to the Sandman stage he currently was at. Sharon and the agents rush outdoors, as they find Sandman fighting with Spider-man. Sandman gets the upper hand, punching Spider-man into a truck. Sharon pulls out a gun, and shoots Sandman in the head. The bullet enters his head, and travels to his mouth, where he spits out the bullet and it hits an agent. Sandman again covers the agents with sand, but is surprised when Spider-man, with the help of firefighters, blasts Sandman with a hose. It appears as if Sandman is now finished, and soggy mud, and Spider-man goes to help the agents. He helps up Sharon, and Sharon sees something behind Spider-man. Sandman blasts out and immediately bombards Spider-man with an excess amount of sand, enough to make Spider-man not able to breathe. Sandman prepares to smash Spider-man for the last time, when the scientists blast Sandman with a special weapon that will bring Marko back to human form. After Sharon helps out Spider-man and thanks him, Spider-man swings away. Sharon then ends her record by telling the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents that they should just kill the people that are insane of power, not continue experimenting on them...


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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