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Synopsis for "Men of Influence"

During another night of crime fighting, Spider-Man runs into his old enemies The Enforcers. They are collecting some dirty money from an employee for the Kingpin. When things turn wry, Spider-Man quickly steps in and dispatches the group and turns them into the police. They don’t stay in captivity for long as Kingpin gets them out and is disgusted with their failure. Kingpin initiates a campaign in which his friend Sam Bullit runs for District Attorney. Their primary goal of their campaign is directed at the denouncing of Spider-Man. They turn to the leader of Spider-Man hate for support: The Daily Bugle.

Peter overhears of this campaign and is distraught. At the same time, Mary Jane comes in with a list of people who know Spider-Man’s true identity. Even more troubled than before, Peter lashes out at Mary Jane because of all the trouble he’s going through. Mary Jane sympathizes and wishes Peter better luck.

At the Daily Bugle, Peter overhears Robbie Robertson and J Jonah Jameson discussing the recently backing of the political campaign. Peter jumps in with a question of why they are going after the Spider-Man when the Kingpin obviously is the more appropriate choice of villain. Upset at the question, Jameson rashly fires Peter on the spot. Peter is left in shock as he never thought Jameson would outright fire him like that.

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