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Synopsis for "Suspended"

While gathering his belongings from the Daily Bugle, Peter goes off on J Jonah Jameson for being some an unfair boss. He exclaims that the reason he was fired is because Jameson couldn’t muster out an appropriate answer due to his twisted ways. After being threatened by calling security, Peter leaves in a rush.

Swinging away from the Bugle, Peter (now dressed in his Spider-Man garb) decides to visit the Kingpin’s building in a rage. After failing to break the reinforced glass, Spider-Man yells in a fury at Kingpin while he just stares with an evil grin.

Later at Midtown High School, Peter brings up Kingpin’s recent pardon in the class. When his teacher does not give him the answer he wants, he lashes at her and gets suspended. Aunt May is disappointed at Peter for both being fired and getting suspended within a twenty-four hour period.

Meanwhile, Ben Urich is interviewing Sam Bullit for the Daily Bugle. The interview starts off normally but quickly turns south when Ben starts directing his questions toward Bullit’s relationship with Wilson Fisk. Recording the entire confrontation, Ben returns to the Bugle and they decide to run the story.

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