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Upon leaving the Daily Bugle, J Jonah Jameson is confronted by the Enforcers because of the recent slandering of Sam Bullit. After a thorough bit of threatening, Spider-Man shows up just in time to put a damper on the situation. After a fierce battle between the two forces, Spider-Man proves to be victorious and demands a thank you from Jameson. After turning their conversation into an impromptu interview, Spider-Man quickly leaves the scene before the police come.

Upon back in Queens, Peter finds Jameson waiting for him outside of his house. Jameson starts to explain that he lost his son in the explosion of the Orion. Jameson truly believes that his son the astronaut was a real hero. He refuses to believe that Spider-Man could be considered a hero. After explaining where he stands, he gives Peter his job back.

Later that night, Spider-Man makes an unsuspecting visit to Kingpin. Mocking him, Spider-Man exclaims that he will take him down.

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