Quote1 Spider Spider. I was intrigued by our last meeting. Were you? Life is too short. We should explore this. Meet me one roof over from last. Quote2
-- Black Cat

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Synopsis for "Shadow Puppets"

In the home of Walter Dini, Dini and a Mr. Moore watches a recording of the news of the theft by Black Cat and Spider-Man. After pausing the recording, Dini asks Moore what is he going to do about it. Moore is confuse with Dini's question as the Spider-Man and Black Cat has stole the piece of the tablet and Moore couldn't do anything about it. Dini is "disappointed" with Moore's for broking a "promise". However, Moore further defends himself and explains that Dini is "putting a awkward position" on him meaning that he came to Dini for help in recovering the tablet. And also he himself is a valuable asset in recovering the pieces of the tablet from people he knows, and knows that the tablet would serves as a "bread breaking" deal with the Kingpin. As Moore said out "Kingpin" Dini catches it, and Moore quickly forgives him in letting out the criminal mastermind's name, in which Dini reinforce that Wilson Fisk is disappointed in letting Moore to lose the tablet piece. Moore continues to insists to Dini that he, as a simple investment banker, couldn't do anything in getting the stolen tablet piece back and that he needs help. In response, Dini gives Moore a phone number card, instructing to call the number and leave a message as "someone will call" Moore and "name a place and time and tell" (Moore) "how much to bring". Dini continues that after meeting the person to only state in informing the problem. After Dini finish in explaining of hiring "someone skilled" Moore is reticent in doing this, but Dini reinforce that Moore came to Fisk with "a promise" and Fisk doesn't want to be disappointed. Moore wants to know as to why the tablet was important to Fisk, but Dini refuses to answer. Moore then ask a recommendation as to anything about Spider-Man. Dini answers that the only reason the "Fisk organization" is concern about Spider-Man is that "he is the most dangerous man on the face of the Earth".

In Midtown High, Peter is sentence to Saturday detention for sleeping in class. In after class, Peter is met by Mary Jane, and laments his detention and him (as Spider-Man) being mistakenly accused as a "cat burglar". M.J. informs Peter that her father, Craig, was serious in not allowing her to talk to Peter in which is disbelieve of it. M.J. tries to Peter that he is serious as Peter is refuse to believe it, until their conversation turn into a bitter argument. This forces a splitting relationship between them as M.J. huffily leaves.

In the Daily Bugle newsroom, Peter is at his workstation and is approach by Robbie Robertson. Robbie ask Peter in logging a series of personal ads onto the Bugle's server. While browsing through the letters he discover an envelope with considerable amount money. Robbie suggest that some people don't want to be trace back to them. Despite what Robbie said, Peter is still puzzle as to why so much money is paid for a "half-page ad". Interested over the sender, Robbie then read the ad:

Spider Spider. I was intrigued by our last meeting. Were you?
Life is too short. We should explore this. Meet me one roof over from last.
The Cat

After finishing the letter, Robbie pass off suspicion of the letter. Concerned, Peter knows that Black Cat wants to meet with Spider-Man.

In a bar, Moore meets with the "skilled" person: Elektra. He pays her the money is then (forcefully) ask to leave.

Late at night at the Parker's residence, Peter attempts to call M.J. but only to hang up after knowing that Craig is on the phone-line. Peter then remembers about Black Cat and decides to meet with her.

Spider-Man swings to where he and Black Cat met and is surprise to find her with cheese and wine. Black Cat ask him the reason she wants him here was to talk, eat and drink. Despite being incredulous, Spider-Man have a brief conversation with Black Cat (unmasked) until sensing his spider-sense. He quickly brings her to the ground as a sai flew pass them. They then see Elektra besetting upon them as she threw her shurikens.

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