Quote1 "I'm not my father"? Who's her father? Batman? Quote2
-- Spider-Man

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Synopsis for "Cat Fight"

In Fisk Towers, Wilson Fisk is sitting morosely on his bed. He is then informed by Walter Dini that Elektra has been assigned in retrieving the tablet piece. Fisk reply that he want it done, in which Dini confirms that its "happening right now".

Spider-Man and Black Cat avoids Elektra's shurikens. Black Cat personally faces off Elektra as Spider-Man watches on. In their struggle Black Cat shouts to Elektra: "I'm not my father! Tell your master! Tell him!" In which Elektra warns her that shouldn't have said those words. Elektra then kicks Black Cat into Spider-Man. As Black Cat recovers herself and attempts to fight back but is restrained by Spider-Man with his webs. Spider-Man confronts Elektra (peacefully) and asking her who she is and what she wants. However, both Elektra and Spider-Man fight. At first Spider-Man have an advantage over her, he is immediately caught off guard and is (inadvertently) kick off the building. As Spider-Man plummet, he quickly uses his webshooters to bungie and swing himself to safety.


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