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Synopsis for "Hollywood: Part 1"

Aunt May is leaving for Florida and is wishing Peter and Gwen goodbye. Leaving them with $300, she leaves them for a week. On the television, Peter watches as Entertainment Tonight is reporting of a new Spider-Man movie that’s in the works. Peter is frustrated that people are making millions of dollars and he doesn’t even see a cent of it. Gwen still shows her bitterness, as she still believes Spider-Man is the cause of her father’s death.

Later at Midtown High, Kong is very excited about the upcoming Spider-Man movie but his friends are less than thrilled. Mary Jane can’t help but laugh a little when she hears that they’re making a film about the vigilante super-hero. Later, the real Spider-Man visits the movie set of the upcoming film. He exclaims his distaste for the film and goes off.

At Ryker’s Prison, a guard taunts Dr. Octopus. He pulls out a newspaper and shows that his wife is working with the new Spider-Man movie cashing in on his lunacy. Meanwhile in the Triskelion, two clueless scientists mistakenly release Dr. Octopus’ arms and let them loose. The metal arms eventually make their way to Ryker’s and release Dr. Octopus and the prisoners.


  • When Spider-Man visits the set to express his disaste for his upcoming movie about him, the cast and crew strongly resemble that of director Sam Raimi, producer Avi Arad, and actor Tobey Maguire. The latter even shares his first name as briefly mentioned by the director.

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I loved it! Action, Good Plot, and I loved the part at Ryker's Prison! Trust me, if you like a good cliffhanger... read the Ryker's Island part! Buy a back-issue or whatever as long as you read this issue!

Ladybug68 20:48, September 6, 2011 (UTC)
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