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Synopsis for "Carnage: Part 1"

Curt is having a nightmare where he was the Lizard again, and that he went into his son's room to kill him. He calls his ex-wife Doris from his apartment to ask if Timmy is okay or not. On his desk is a letter from Jim Rhodes stating that to continue receiving a grant from Stark Industries, he has to present his research results ASAP. At the same time, Peter is swinging towards a museum where Gladiator is demanding police captain Jean De Wolfe to free someone named Nurhachi or he will kill the hostages inside. Peter is wondering why his name isn't "Spider-Boy," especially when he sees how much taller Gladiator is than him. Peter manages to stop him, but is cut by his blades in the fight. The police then storm the place, and aim guns at Spider-Man's head. A hostage says that Spider-Man saved them, and Jean orders them to put the guns down. Spider-Man then swings away.

Curt is let into his lab at ESU by the guard, Willie. When he enters, he sees Peter unmasked, bleeding, and asking for help. Curt says that he isn't that type of doctor, but that he owed Peter one for the Lizard situation. Conners bandages Spidey up as he swings off to get home. Curt puts a cotton ball in the blood that Peter left on his table. He examines it through a microscope and is clearly impressed by what he sees.

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