Quote1.png Oh man, I'm going to toss my cookies and... I haven't even had any cookies. In fact, I'm going to go home and have cookies, just so I can toss them! Quote2.png
-- Peter Parker (Spider-Man)

Appearing in "Secret Identity"

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Synopsis for "Secret Identity"

Green Goblin Standoff Between NYPD, in "Secret Identity".

The fight between Spider-Man and Green Goblin continues across the city, eventually leading them to a bridge. The events at the school bring to the intervention of a couple of NYPD helicopters, which try to stop both of them by opening fire. Hit by a lot of bullets, Green Goblin falls down into the river and disappears, while Spider-Man runs away and makes his return to the school as Peter Parker. There, Harry reveals that the Goblin is actually his father, Norman Osborn, who supposedly came to the school looking for him. Harry is taken away by the police, while Peter begins wondering if Norman was actually looking for him.


  • This issue is reprinted in Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1: Power and Responsibility.


  • Dedicated to "The Greatest Hero a Son Could Ever Have: Roy 'Rosy Boy' Thibert".

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