Quote1 I think I've got enough up here already. Quote2
-- Hammerhead

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Synopsis for "Warriors: Part 1"

In an skyscraper owned by Silvermane, Silvermane shows to an unseen individual of a news recorded on TiVo showing a federal indictment on Walter Dini, one of six men charged for federal racketeering and close associates to Wilson Fisk. Dini's attorney, Alex Lannin, argues that the charges are lacking with evidence and stated as a pathetic move on the "war" against the "Fisk empire". In furthermore, Lannin stated that Dini is "guilty" for being successful in life and more loyal to philanthropist Wilson Fisk. After pausing the recording, Silvermane then explained to the man that with the falling image of Wilson Fisk's reputation, both him and Silvermane will overthrow Fisk's seat of power. In insertion, Silvermane believing having himself with the intelligence in partnership with the man would surely rule over Fisk. The man then agrees with everything Silermane said, however, with only one exception: the man grab hold of Silvermane's head and twisted his head around, killing him. The man reveals himself to be Hammerhead, who believes he have "enough up here already", implying he will be the only one to rule over the Kingpin.

At Midtown High, during class, Peter Parker is upset of the break up between him and Mary Jane's over his secret life as Spider-Man. Peter then decided to skip school and patrol the city as Spider-Man after ridiculing his teacher.

In the late afternoon, Wilson Fisk is informed by his assistant of Silvermane's death and is concerned of his rival's murderer. He then demands to have Elektra to investigate the matter. His assistant is reluctant of having risking Fisk's involvement as the Kingpin would only raise the stakes of the federal authorities putting heavy charges on him. Fisk however, decided to ignore the risk and that "they" need to know who they are "afraid" of.

At a dockside warehouse, a group of illicit men, who works for the Kingpin, are smuggling over electronic appliances and are confronted by Hammerhead and the Enforcers. One of the leading smugglers, Reggie, who knows Hammerhead, is surprised of seeing him being alive as Reggie thought he had died before, in which the mobster explained "It sucked. I came back". Hammerhead then ridiculed the smugglers' labor for Fisk and asked them to join his criminal society. One of the smugglers, offended by Hammerhead's attitude and proposition, shot him in the head; however, Hammerhead survives from his wound, due to having his skull made of steel. Hammerhead then ordered Fancy Dan to kill the man who have shot him, in which Dan comply. Hammerhead resumes his offer to the smugglers to join him or "leave town and never come back". Many of the smugglers ran from the warehouse minus Reggie. Reggie allowed himself to join Hammerhead's society as Hammerhead begins to destroy the warehouse by setting an explosion before leaving.

Spider-Man notice the explosion and then swings to the site of the burning wreckage. He then notices a female figure on the rooftop of a nearby building and swung over to investigate. He only found the rooftop completely deserted until sensing danger from his spider-senses. At first he doesn't know where the danger is coming from until a white baton hit him in the head along with a kick. The attacker then aggressively subdued the downed Spider-Man and reveals himself as Moon Knight, who demands why he (Spider-Man) caused the destruction to the warehouse.


  • The thug, Reggie, recalls Hammerhead's apparent death in Ultimate X-Men as his head was exploded by Gambit. Though it is not explained how Hammerhead survived his death (the mobster stating "It sucked. I came back").


  • TiVo have appeared and referenced two times in this issue, and as a running gag with Hammerhead's puzzlement over what TiVo actually is.

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