Quote1 Why not me? Why shouldn't I get a little bling bling off the whole super hero thing I got goin' on? Quote2
-- Peter Parker

Appearing in "Working Stiff"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Patsy Walker (Cameo)
  • Alternate Spider-Man (Peter Parker) (Dream)
  • Alternate Benjamin Parker (Only appearance; dies)[1] (Dream)
  • Alternate Burglar (Dream)


Synopsis for "Working Stiff"

Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 -8 (2001) - Page 4

Spider-Man vs. The Shocker, in "Working Stiff"

While swinging around the city, Spider-Man bumps into a money transport robbery perpetrated by the Shocker, a man using sophisticated gauntlets to hurt and paralyze people. The fight ends in a while with Spider-Man winning easily and leaving the place before the arrival of the police.

Peter Intro Spidey Vol 1 Issue 8

Peter introduces pictures of Spider-Man at the Daily Bugle, in "Working Stiff".

Later, Peter overhears a conversation between Flash and Kong and he learns that the paper is offering a lot of money in search of some good pictures of Spider-Man. Then he decides to make some pictures of himself disguised as Spidey and try to sell them to the Daily Bugle. There, Peter also helps Betty Brant fixing a problem with Daily Bugle website and J.J. Jameson decides to give him a part-time job as web-master.

The day after, Peter wakes up from a nightmare in which he sees his uncle Ben dying again. Upset by this fact, he begins to search information, about the man who shot his uncle, in the Daily Bugle database. He eventually learns about the existence of a great criminal organization in New York, leaded by Wilson Fisk (alias the Kingpin), and he decides to lead more investigations about it.


  • Peter Parker gets his first job as web-master at Daily Bugle.


  • A hairy gofer running through the halls of the Daily Bugle building is wearing a Farscape T-shirt, a reference to the popular television show.
  • On the front cover, Spider-Man's webbing was light green in color, rather than white.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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