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Black Cat

Appearing in "Warriors: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Warriors: Part 3"

At Midtown High, Peter Parker is burden in looking over the prime location of Hammerhead provided by the Kingpin and decides to head to the New York City Police Department.

At the police department, Captain Jeanne De Wolfe talks to a detective over Moon Knight, Spider-Man lands on the building's window and is almost shot by the panicked detective. De Wolfe then heads to the rooftop and apologize to Spider-Man about the shooting. Spider-Man talked to De Wolfe about his meeting with the Kingpin and Hammerhead's strive for control of the criminal underworld. He then provides Jeanne the location of Hammerhead's address much to Jeanne's bemusement. Jeanne is at first suspicious of Spider-Man's involvement with the Kingpin but soon dropped it. However, Jeanne informs Spider-Man that even knowing the location of Hammerhead's hideout the police doesn't have the authority in capturing Hammerhead without any evidence or warrants, and thus decline in knowing Hammerhead's hideout. However, Jeanne strongly suggest to Spider-Man that he, as a masked vigilante, has the action to stop Hammerhead. Then a phone called to Jeanne reports of a disturbance in China Town. Jeanne then suggest to Spider-Man to get to the scene.

Seven minutes ago, a paroled Danny Rand arrived in China Town and is warmly reunited with Shang-Chi. The two then have lunch in a Chinese restaurant. Shang-Chi tells Rand of the martial arts school that was run by Master Kee have been closed down, much to Rand's great disappointment and was even more surprised of Shang-Chi still being present in New York as he had left the city before. Shang-Chi then explains to Rand that the reason he stayed is because of the crime in China Town have gotten worse than before (due to the Kingpin losing his influence in China Town, and the rise of Hammerhead's criminal empire) and that the police couldn't do anything to stop it, but himself. The two are then confronted by China Town's gangs led by Hammerhead and accompany by the Enforcers. Hammerhead was informed by the gangs that Shang-Chi have been disrupting their criminal operations, and decides to put an end to the martial artist. He then shot and seemingly kill Shang-Chi. However, Shang-Chi skillfully caught the bullet and throw Hammerhead out the restaurant through its window. Shang-Chi and Rand began fighting the entire gang and the Enforcers within the restaurant after Hammerhead requested the death of Shang-Chi with the reward of "fifty-grand".

Despite being outnumbered, Shang-Chi and Rand overcome the thugs. Hammerhead, being annoyed with the martial artists having an advantage in the fight, began to take aim of Shang-Chi with his pistol until being struck down by an arriving Spider-Man. However, after striking Hammerhead in the head, Spider-Man suffered immense pain to his fist due to the fact that Hammerhead's skull is made of steel. Hammerhead quickly recover and grabbed Spider-Man by the head and prepares to execute him until being interrupted by Black Cat.


  • When Jeanne De Wolfe talks to Spider-Man of the detective who shot him, having a traumatic experience with Wolverine, in which Spider-Man response "I've had one of those" is a reference to Spider-Man's team up with Wolverine in Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #1.


  • A woman dressed like the mainstream Scarlet Witch was uttering "I'm not crazy" several times is a reference to Scarlet Witch's mental breakdown in the leading events of Avengers Disassembled.

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