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Hammerhead talking to Black Cat

Appearing in "Warriors: Part 4"

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Synopsis for "Warriors: Part 4"

At Midtown High, in one of Peter Parker's classes a teacher is asking for attendance and discovering that Peter is absent in class as Mary Jane Watson looks in disappointment.

In China Town, Hammerhead holds Spider-Man at gunpoint to his head as he tells Black Cat to back off. Hammerhead then fire his pistol... and only to have his gun to explode in his hand after Spider-Man spun a web around Hammerhead's hand while Hammerhead was talking to Black Cat. Agitated from his wound, Hammerhead then throw a live grenade at Spider-Man and Black Cat. The two then flee the street and swing to the rooftops as the grenade explodes, causing significant damages.

After landing in a safe distant, Spider-Man is surprised in seeing Black Cat being alive after having seeing her fall to her seemingly death in their last encounter. Concerned about the people in the streets and Hammerhead, Spider-Man took a look at the street and finding Hammerhead escaped. Two police officers were at scene and mistakenly believed Spider-Man to be cause for the explosion and started shooting at him after a local shop keeper pointed at him. Spider-Man luckily avoid the shots, and Captain Jeanne De Wolfe arrive at the scene and stop the officers. She then berated the officers for their callous actions for assuming Spider-Man as the villain and threaten their careers and then later chastised the shop keeper (who just simply pointed at Spider-Man) for causing the officers to shoot at Spider-Man from the very beginning. Jeane then ordered the gang members in the restaurant to be arrested (including an arrested Ox of the Enforcers) and call for a search for Hammerhead.

While Jeanne gave orders to her officers, a cab driver (Steven Grant) films the scene from his taxi and then drives away.

On the rooftops, Black Cat passionately kiss Spider-Man (with his mask completely on). Spider-Man quickly stop Black Cat and asked how was she able to be alive after she been stabbed in the stomach by Elektra and fell off a building. Cat states that she was only badly injured, and was impressed with Spider-Man in looking for her. And also she is still looking for vengeance against the Kingpin. In a full explanation, Cat has been researching on the Kingpin's criminal empire and was responsible for revealing Walter Dini's crimes, and has been spying on Hammerhead and hope for using him in overthrowing the Kingpin. Spider-Man is against of Black Cat's intentions of supporting Hammerhead, and tries to reason with her that he is the "bad guy". Black Cat however, cares more about defeating Kingpin, and furthermore, stating of having a normal "date" with Spider-Man after the Kingpin's downfall. After a brief passionate moment between Black Cat and Spider-Man, Spider-Man realize that he is late to come back home and quickly departs. Given an impression of Spider-Man's frantic departure, Black Cat then mistakenly assumes that he is married.

In Soho, the cab driver, Steven Grant, from China Town arrives back at his apartment and is greeted by a alerted gun wielding woman named Marlene. Marlene withdraw her weapon and ask him, "Marc" (Moon Knight), about his involvement in China Town. "Marc" reply that he only watched the fight and that "Moon Knight" didn't arrived on the scene. Marlene then asked if he saw Spider-Man again, in which a annoyed "Marc" only state of taking a shower. In response, Marlene question if "Marc" is "Steven Grant", himself, or "Moon Knight"? "Marc" quietly walks to the bathroom, with Marlene suggesting to herself of having someone who "should tell his girlfriend which personality she's talking to".

Spider-Man arrived back to his household before Aunt May comes home. As Peter Parker, he reflects of the day's events, including the fact that he have skipped school again, made him felt exhilarated as well in having an anew relationship with Black Cat. After May arrives and greeted Peter, she noticed that Peter smell of "dirt and perfume" (presumably from having embraced with Black Cat) and recommended of taking a shower instead of wearing deodorant. She then tells Peter to order a meal as she went to the bathroom. While browsing through the ordered menus, he noticed a single message recorded on the phone. The message is from Midtown High School's principle requesting in having a meeting with May concerning on Peter for leaving school in the middle of the day. Peter quickly deleted the message.

At Fisk Towers, Wilson Fisk and Walter Dini watched the news of the events in China Town and Dini's indictment, revealing that the influence of the Kingpin have taken very negative effect on the city. Dini apologize to Fisk for the "embarrassment" that have come undone and wishes that if there were a way to amend it. Fisk is gladly to hear of Dini's request, and have Elektra impale him with her sai from behind. Fisk then orders her to dispose of Dini's corpse (along with the chair that he is sitting on). He also requested that after disposing Dini, Fisk wants her to eliminate Hammerhead, Moon Knight and Spider-Man in order to "clean things up".


  • First acknowledgment of Marc Spector's split personality disorder.
  • When Hammerhead has his gun exploded in his webbed hand by Spider-Man, it is similarly done to Fancy Dan of the Enforcers in his second encounter with Spider-Man in Ultimate Spider-Man #12.


  • The scene of the classroom where Peter's teacher calling for student attendance is a reference to a similar scene in the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

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