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Quote1.png You guys are nuts, you know that?? And this from a guy in his red and blue underwear!! NUTS!!! Quote2.png
-- Spider-Man after webbing everyone fighting in a room.

Appearing in "Warriors: Part 6"

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Synopsis for "Warriors: Part 6"

Spider-Man and Black Cat are in the middle of a standoff between, Elektra, Iron Fist, Shang-Chi, Moon Knight, the Enforcers, Hammerhead and his men. Hammerhead recognizes Elektra as the Kingpin's personal assassin and offers her with payment double than what she is paid in "turning the tide". Elektra comply (as long he doesn't says "ninja toots"). Hammerhead then gives a chance to his opponents on "rethinking" on their "intrusion". Black Cat approaches Hammerhead and negotiate on joining his side (much to Spider-Man's embarrassment) and telling her reasons in her stance against the Kingpin. After Elektra confirms to Hammerhead on Black Cat's truth, Hammerhead then accepts Black Cat in his team. He then boasts to the remaining "costumes" on how he easily turn the odds against him and now asks them a chance to "running screaming from the room". However, both "sides" momentarily pause and eventually attack. Through the whole battle, Spider-Man is avoiding much of the fight, and Hammerhead is focusing his attention to Moon Knight. After scathingly avoiding the violence, Spider-Man unleashes his web upon the whole room and trapping the combatants.

Spider-Man then grabs a cellphone from Montana (who is hanging upside down) and phone Captain Jeanne De Wolfe. While waiting for his call, Spider-Man ignores insistence from Black Cat and Shang-Chi in letting them go as their allies, and chastisement from Moon Knight for Spider-Man's foolishness. Spider-Man managed to reach in contact with Jeanne and explains to her of everything of Hammerhead's location and how he stopped the fight. While he is talking, Elektra escapes from her webbing and attacks Spider-Man. Black Cat and Moon Knight soon follow their own escape. After Spider-Man briefly subduing Elektra and avoiding from Moon Knight's crescent darts, Hammerhead points his pistol on Spider-Man's head. However, Hammerhead only to discover that he used up the ammunition for his gun. Spider-Man then punches Hammerhead (and again feeling immense pain from punching Hammerhead's steel head). The police soon arrives at Hammerhead's loft. Having noticing the police sirens, Moon Knight expresses his lament to Spider-Man of the heroes for losing their efforts to stop Hammerhead given that the police will take credit for the mobster's downfall. As he said this in mid-sentence, Moon Knight is suddenly grab from behind and mortally stab in the chest by Elektra. Enraged at what she has done, Spider-Man attacks Elektra. As the two combatants fight, a badly wounded Moon Knight wound himself in front of Hammerhead. With his arms freed, Hammerhead pulls Moon Knight's mask off and takes a picture of his exposed face with his cellphone. Elektra and Spider-Man continues to viciously fight each other as Black Cat escapes from the room. Spider-Man is then caught off guard and Elektra brutally beats him and sends him flying out of the loft, and landing on the roof of a police cruiser as he sprawls motionlessly.


  • There is an artist error as Hammerhead's mouth was webbed by Spider-Man throughout half the issue, and is seen at one panel with his mouth entirely un-webbed as he is punched by Spider-Man. He is then seen again with his mouth webbed.
  • When Shang-Chi stated to Spider-Man that both of them previously fought side-by-side before is a reference to their team-up in Ultimate Marvel Team-Up Issue #15 and #16.


  • Hammerhead's cellphone is made by Roxxon.
  • It is the second time that Spider-Man punches Hammerhead's hard steel head and receiving immense pain to his fist, and while the other time was in Issue 81.

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