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-- Spider-Man, said after preventing Hammerhead from a fatal fall.

Appearing in "Warriors: Part 7"

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Synopsis for "Warriors: Part 7"

Spider-Man is lying unconsciously on a smashed police car as a police officer calls for immediate back-up. Elektra watches over the scene below from the Hammerhead's loft's broken window and later helps in releasing Hammerhead. Hammerhead laments the presence of the police and wants to escape and leave the country. Elektra then realizes to herself that her "job offer's rescinded".

Spider-Man later regains consciousness. He is then callously man-handled by the police officers until he is freed by a irate Captain Jeanne De Wolfe. In the loft, Hammerhead decides to eliminate the witnesses starting with Iron Fist. However, after he could ask Elektra to eliminate Iron Fist, Hammerhead is literally back-stabbed by Elektra. She then throw him out of the loft and into the street. Spider-Man then prevents Hammerhead's fatal fall by cushioning his body with his web shooters.

Elektra was about to leave the building until being punched and confronted by a returning Black Cat. As Black Cat assaults Elektra, she is however easily overcome and subdued. Elektra then grabs Black Cat by the hair and prepares to impale her with her sai. Before she could do the finishing blow, Elektra is hit in the head by a still active Moon Knight with his crescent dart. Moon Knight then collapses.

In front of the loft, Jeane, Spider-Man, and the police awaits on entering the loft and are surprised as Elektra's body is thrown from the building and onto a police car (by Black Cat). Back in the loft, Black Cat frees Shang-Chi and attempting to free Iron Fist. She apologizes to them on siding with Hammerhead, but Iron Fist doesn't forgives her actions and grabs Black Cat by the throat as he prepares his "iron fist". Shang-Chi stops Iron Fist's aggressive action and convinces him to relent.

Jeane and the police later broke into the loft and finds only the Hammerhead's subdued thugs and Moon Knight's motionless body.

On a nearby rooftop, Spider-Man watches over the street as paramedics arrive to remove the injured. He is then greeted by Black Cat. Spider-Man berate Black Cat for siding with Hammerhead as she tries to apologizes. Spider-Man express his concerns for Black Cat for being great for who she is, but dismay for siding with "guys just as bad". Black Cat explains that her vengeance on the Kingpin was all due to him killing her father, and that it "does stuff", and acknowledges Spider-Man's concerns as being right and tries to make up to him. Spider-Man, still upset, tries to walk away until Black Cat force him to a wall and attempts to offer him with a enticing kiss. Moreover, she wants to see his face. Spider-Man wants to stop her from unmasking him but is too lovingly to do anything and accepts to her advances. However, after unmasking his face, Black Cat is shocked and horrified in finding him an adolescent. She then vomits on Peter's costume and fled in shame, with Peter looking on with a stun face.

At Fisk Towers, Wilson Fisk is talking to a woman who briefs on the recent events at Hammerhead's loft. The woman explains that Hammerhead is in a coma, and that if he survives his coma, he will be press charges. However, the District Attorney states that the charges won't be effective as Hammerhead was attacked in his home. Only as long as there are some other revealing evidence would be effectively charged on Hammerhead. Fisk complies in finding a way to prosecute Hammerhead. The woman then warns Fisk on Elektra's loyalty as she briefly switches sides with Hammerhead , but she is in a comatose condition for any concerns. When Fisk ask about Moon Knight, the woman states that Moon Knight is too in a coma, and that his identity is still unknown as his fingerprints are inconclusive, and suggesting that he is maybe ex-CIA. Fisk express his annoyance on "costumes" and is glad that only something "good" that "came out of this": Spider-Man trusts her. The woman is revealed to be Jeanne De Wolfe, having been on the Kingpin's side for a long length of time, and has been using Spider-Man for the Kingpin's own purposes.

Peter Parker returns to his home and is welcomed by a dismayed Aunt May. She explains to Peter that he has been skipping school again, and refuse to have a "house of lies" and warns him if she has to say this again, she will have Peter to leave from their house.

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