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Appearing in "Silver Sable: Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Silver Sable: Part 1"

Ultimate Wrecking Crew.

A month ago, Damage Control's Wrecking Crew is sent to clean/repair Roxxon's own dockside in which it is heavily damaged by the company's cargo ship. Thunderball ask Roxxon's representative, Jermaine Exum, about what caused the damages. In a flashback, Omega Red exploded the cargo ship and causing major collateral damages to the company's docks. The reason for this is partially revealed when Omega Red confront Jeramaine Exum mentioning that he was hired by someone to do this. Fortunately Spider-Man arrived on the scene and eventually defeats Omega Red by crushing him with a fork-lift. In the present, Exum further explains what happened later after Omega Red's defeat, in which Spider-Man left the scene when the police came and S.H.I.E.L.D. captured and contained Omega Red. As Exum and Thunderball converse, an unknown is spying on them. The woman talks to her employer, Mr. Roxxon, about Spider-Man activity in the docks. Roxxon is suspicious of Spider-Man involvement in stopping villains who have attacked the Roxxon company several times, and suggest that Spider-Man may know why they are attacking the company.

Two weeks ago, the woman's accomplices (Chen, Powell, and Quentino) are trying to find Spider-Man, but without any success. However, Chen spots Spider-Man. Quentino, follows Spider-Man in her helicopter and lost him in Queens.

One week ago, Chen again spots Spider-Man and sees him lands in Midtown High.

In the present, the woman's accomplices have been waiting and spying Midtown High for signs of Spider-Man. They suddenly track him and lands in the school's back alley. They then spots what appears to be Peter Parker in which the accomplices' woman then orders Chen and Powell to take him out in which they then stun Peter Parker. The group and the woman takes Peter to an undisclosed building and wakes him up. The woman reveals to be Silver Sable, and 'Peter Parker' is none other than Flash Thompson. Once awake, Sable and her accomplices, the Wild Pack, mistake Flash for Spider-Man assure him that they only wants him to answer to several questions. Flash states that he isn't Spider-Man and then thought his situation to be some kind of prank, but then realize that Sable and the Pack are (dead) serious. Sable herself then suspects about Flash and orders Chen to have Flash stand up. She then quickly upper-kicks Flash knocking him unconscious, in which Sable states that to her Wild Pack that they have caught the wrong person.


  • Issue includes Issue 1 of Ultimate Vision.


  • This the first appearance of the Ultimate Wrecking Crew, and by extension Damage Control.
  • According to the vehicle owned by Damage Control, the company have been established since 1999 for "super-powered cleanup".

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