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  • Wireless Starktech 535SpyScan


Synopsis for "Silver Sable: Part 4"

Silver Sable and the Wild Pack brought a unconscious Spider-Man to Donald Roxxon, the man who hired Sable and the Pack. After revealing Spider-Man's identity as a teenager, Roxxon is apprehensive of kidnapping him from the beginning. However, Sable brief to him that Spider-Man was captured unharmed and unlikeness of going to the police would only jeopardize his identity. Roxxon agrees to Sable's reasons and decides to wake up the unmasked Spider-Man.

After waking up, Peter is dissatisfied for being unmasked and Roxxon ask him why he is helping him and his company from stopping the super-villains who would "chose to destroy his company". Peter is confuse to Roxxon's questions. Roxxon furthermore explain to him that he, his family, and his company have been constantly attacked by hired mercenaries and showing past footage of Killer Shrike and Omega Red who attacked the Roxxon company and being defeated by Spider-Man. Peter then carefully explained that he was only doing what is right as a hero who only wants to help and save people and that he doesn't have any connections to or knowledge of Roxxon. Roxxon and Sable are unconvinced of Peter's words and have Chen to run a scan on Peter's fingerprints for credibility.

At the same time as Chen scanned Peter's fingerprints, S.H.I.E.L.D. intelligence at the Triskelion received a breach to its database from Chen's scanning, revealing that Peter's fingerprints and identity are secured by S.H.I.E.L.D. The operator who reported the breach then reports to Nick Fury of the matter. Fury then demands to triangulate the location of the hacker.

At Roxxon, Chen received notice of being traced (triangulated) by S.H.IE.L.D. and nervously warns Sable. She orders the Wild Pack to immediately leave. Roxxon, confuse, demands what is happening. Sable briskly warns to him that S.H.I.E.L.D. is coming to their location due to the fact that Spider-Man is connected to and protected by the organization, leaving Roxxon pitifully surprised and wants Sable to do something about it. Sable refuse in helping and plans on leaving and in-explicitly threatens to kill if he tries to remember her and the Wild Pack's names. Roxxon however, argues in protecting him and threaten in not paying Sable. While Sable and Roxxon argues, Peter managed to break lose and escape unnoticed. Sable, Roxxon and the Pack immediately discover his escape. Chen is amused by this, but then the group are then attacked in an explosion, causing mid-significant damage to the building. In the ensuing explosion, Sable grabs hold of Powell from falling and watches Roxxon fell from his skyscraper. He is then needlessly rescued by a now-masked Spider-Man, who puts/webs him inside the "O" of the Roxxon sign. Spider-Man swings back on top of the building finding an unscathed Sable and the Wild Pack with Chen seemingly dead. Powell points his gun at Spider-Man, believing him to be the cause for Chen's death, but is tell off by Sable that it wasn't him nor was it S.H.I.E.L.D. A unidentified person then throw a grenade at Spider-Man sending him flying, prompting Sable and the Pack start to shoot the attacker. However, the attacker is too fast, slashing through the Wild Pack and he drops another grenade. Spider-Man, having quickly recover, web the grenade and swing it into the air causing it to explode harmlessly. In the clearing of the explosion, Spider-Man is then confronted by a airborne Vulture.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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