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Following Morbius' appearance, Ben Urich is bitten by vampire Jennifer Grünwald as he lies on the Grünwald's apartment room's floor as Spider-Man is in the conflict between Morbius, Grünwald and a vampire in his wolf-form. Spider-Man, who is unaware of Morbius' good alignment, attacks the combatants. Spider-Man fights the other vampire while Morbius fights Grünwald. Morbius briefly subdues Grünwald and beaten the other vampire from Spider-Man. Morbius warns again to Spider-Man and throws him away into the bathroom from harm. The other vampire changes into a bestial vampire and warns Morbius that he will kill him despite being the son of a significant father before leaving. Morbius again fights and impales Grünwald, thus killing her into dust. During this fight, Spider-Man recovers and takes Ben to a hospital.

After trying to explain to a doctor of Urich's condition and a paranoid security staff, Ben is admitted for treatment. Morbius appears in Ben's room, as Ben is restrained to his bed and showing signs of turning into a vampire. As Morbius tries to help Ben he is then attack by Spider-Man, who he still believes he is still a threat to Ben. Morbius quickly subdues Spider-Man and explains to him that he was only to help Ben: stating that Ben has to be bitten two times in order to become a Vampire, suggesting that Morbius' vampire enemies are coming for Ben, and that he is his only hope in preventing Ben's transformation. Spider-Man is still confuse as to why Morbius, a vampire, wants to help. Morbius explains to Spider-Man that there are vampires, such as himself, who refuse to adapt to the way of the vampire, and that he himself made a promise to his mother of not allowing his "father's curse" from "taking anyone else". Spider-Man then ask who his father. Morbius replies: "Dracul".

Morbius then prepares to cure Ben, but Spider-Man fearfully see's his cure as Morbius seems to prepare to bite Ben and immediately attacks him again. Annoyed and infuriated, Morbius forcefully throws Spider-Man out of the room through its wall. As lies on the hospital's floor, the building's light suddenly turns off and three vampires appears scaring away the building's staffs and guards and confronts Spider-Man. Spider-Man is completely stunned in seeing the vampires and is grab by the arms and is bitten by a female vampire. However, the vampire is repulsed from biting Spider-Man, stating that his blood is "not pure". Distressed, Spider-Man fights the vampires and is then help by Morbius, who swiftly dispatches the vampires. Morbius then tries to calm Spider-Man, and expects the puncture marks on his neck. Sniffing the blood coming from the marks, Morbius assures Spider-Man (unmasked) that his blood is "diseased" making him immune from turning into a vampire. Spider-Man who is still panicking, is then direct to Ben who is completely cure of his infection. Peter then ask Morbius of his name, in which he reveals. Morbius then leave in a burst of smoke before telling Peter that the next time they meet again, he hope that Spider-Man grows up, as the sun rises.

In Midtown High, in biology, a depressed Peter reveals his night with Morbius by revealing his bite marks to Mary Jane, and express that some things aren't meant to be seen for his age, and laments that Daredevil and others were right in warning him. Mary Jane then comforts Peter.

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