Quote1 Who are you, masked mystery man??!! Unveil yourself to the crowd!! He said that! That's what he said! Quote2
-- Scorpion

Appearing in "Clone Saga: Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Clone Saga: Part 1"

After the Morbius fiasco, Kitty is very jealous that Peter went to Mary Jane for help instead of her. Peter's relationship with Kitty seems to be drifting to a bad direction.

Peter and Mary Jane go to the mall and eat lunch together. After talking about their lives a bit, a food booth comes crashing from the higher floor. Peter immediately sends Mary Jane to get to safety, and gets into his Spider-Man costume. Spider-Man runs to what appears to be a man in a Scorpion costume...

The Police enter before anything happens, but the insane Scorpion reacts insanely, and shoots some sort of ooze at the Police, hitting them in the face and taking out a few of them. Spider-man immediately attacks the Scorpion, and after a big struggle and the need for a lot of punches, Spider-Man finally manages to defeat the Scorpion.

As the Scorpion continues to say nonsense, we see the identity of the Scorpion, as the mask was destroyed... it is Peter Parker.

Meanwhile, Mary Jane comes back home. She goes into her room, and she is taken.

Her mother enters the room to talk to Mary Jane, but Mary Jane is gone...

To Be Continued.


  • Scorpion continues to repeat "Who are you, masked mystery man??!! Unveil yourself to the crowd!!" which is what the referee said when Spider-man was a wrestler, months before.

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