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-- Spider-Woman

Appearing in "Clone Saga: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Clone Saga: Part 2"

Spider-Man has no choice but to look for help, so he goes to the Fantastic Four. After running blood samples on the Scorpion, the result is Spider-Man's fears: He's been cloned. After freaking out when realizing this, he rushes home, leaving the clone with the Fantastic Four.

Peter runs into the house, and finds a nervous Aunt May. Peter asks what happened. Aunt May says that Mary Jane is missing. Peter runs out of the house to go and look for her. He runs to the warehouse where they go sometimes. He searches, but doesn't find her. Instead, things get crazier. He turns as someone calls to him; a girl in a Spider-Man-like costume. Peter does not respond well. After the woman sets presses one of Peter's buttons, he immediately looses it and pounces for her. The girl uses her reflexes and the exact same powers like Spider-man to take down Peter, and then leaves.

Peter wakes up hours later, and jumps out of the warehouse. He notices someone walking into his old house. He runs to the open door. Walks in, thinking Mary Jane is there. Instead, he finds what he never in his dreams would have expected: Gwen Stacy.

Meanwhile, Mary Jane wakes up, in a tank, in a broken down lab. She pounds on the tank's walls for help, but only the kidnapper enters. The shadowed person, with the form like Peter, tells Mary Jane that now he has found a way to protect her.

Mary Jane's screams are heard from the run-down OSCORP...

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