Quote1.png Gwen... You're dead. Quote2.png
-- Peter Parker

Appearing in "Clone Saga: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Clone Saga: Part 3"

Peter is stunned. Gwen Stacy, the girl he saw lying dead on the floor a few months ago is now standing more than alive in front of him.

At Oscorp, Mary Jane is still being kept prisoner. The mysterious figure appearing to be Peter Parker is still telling Mary Jane of how he's going to help her protect herself. We finally see who the figure is... A deformed version of Peter. Deformed and insane.

Back at the Baxter Building, The Scorpion, who is being kept prisoner, is finally awake and is talking. Unfortunately, he's not cooperating. Sue Storm calls S.H.I.E.L.D. to get Nick Fury over to the Baxter Building to see the clone for himself.

Back at the old Parker home, Peter is trying to understand what is going on. Gwen doesn't remember how she got to the home and only remembers being at a hospital. It's been hours, and Aunt May is worried, so she comes over to check on Peter. Aunt May is extremely shocked at the sight of Gwen alive and she runs out of the house.

Peter and Gwen run after her. Peter has no choice but to involve Spider-man in his explanation, and no choice but to reveal the truth: He is Spider-man.

After a demonstration to show he actually is Spider-man, Aunt May stops Peter from his explanations, and tells him and Gwen to get out. Peter is shocked that she is kicking them out, and doesn't know what to do. As she continues to scream at the two, someone comes in the house and surprises everyone. Peter looks as he is surprised the most...

It is Peter's father Richard Parker.

Meanwhile, Nick Fury is observing the clone at the Baxter Building. He knows something about the clones, and calls the Spider Slayers to the Parker residence...

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