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Quote1.png There's already a Spider-Man and he seems to- to love it. He loves jumping around and being hit in the face and lit on fire. I'm not that guy. Let him do that. I'm not that guy. Quote2.png
Miles Morales

Appearing in "To Be or Not to Be... Spider-Man!"

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Synopsis for "To Be or Not to Be... Spider-Man!"

Ganke quickly arrives at Miles' house and is overjoyed when Miles demonstrates his wall-crawling ability. Miles, however, tells Ganke that he just wants to be normal. Ganke suggests they go speak to Uncle Aaron and find out what he knows about the Spider, despite his father forbidding him speaking to Aaron.

The next day they arrive at Aaron's apartment but he, and all of his belongings, are missing. Confused, Miles and Ganke leave when they notice a crowd observing a burning building. Ganke, as well as the crowd of bystanders, watch in awe as Miles rescues a woman and a helpless young girl and her dog. Miles then retreats to a nearby alleyway and vomits. He again vows that he just wants a normal life, and decides to leave the heroism to the actual Spider-Man.

Over the next two months, Miles and Ganke move into their dormitory at their new charter school and meet their new roommate, Judge. One night, while Miles sleeps, he dreams that Electro enters his dorm and electrocutes him. He wakes up in a panic, but realizes it was just a dream. Almost immediately, a teacher enters their room and rushes them to the gymnasium due to an emergency. In the gym, another teacher states that there was some sort of super hero brawl on the Queensboro Bridge and that Spider-Man has been shot.

Solicit Synopsis

Who is behind the mask?


  • This issue takes place during Death of Spider-Man, but is not considered part of the event.
  • Miles dreams about Electro, ironically, on the same night that Electro not only attacks the real Spider-Man, but is also shot by May Parker. This might suggest some sort of enhanced Spider-Sense, alerting him of danger taking place miles away.


This time, Ganke is wearing a shirt with the image of Howard the Duck.

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