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Appearing in "Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk Part 4 of 6"

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Synopsis for "Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk Part 4 of 6"

Betty reluctantly lays in bed with Freddie Prinze Junior when her home phone goes off. Freddie is the one to answer, not receiving any confirmation from the other side. Betty is curious who is calling, only to realize the number is from India and has to be Bruce.

Three weeks later, Jen Walters offers Betty an Altoid while they observe Nick Fury and Logan discuss he Hulk. Jen and Betty start to discuss Logan, Betty seeing him as an animal while Jen finds him attractive. The two women step on each others throats, judging each other on their sexual exploits, especially since Betty has always been attatched to the Hulk. As both women give each other death stares, Betty casually asks about the serum Banner injected himself with since Jen has been taking it off-premises to mess around with it. Jen believes she can make it work better by removing all of the rampage. The two women are discovered by Logan's strong nose, causing them to become silent. A few days pass and in the basement of the Triskelion, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers play ping pong, Tony using an enhanced arm created by Forge. Betty comes in, demanding to know how long they have known about Bruce's survival. While everyone really believed Banner was dead, they had no clue if execution was possible. The two heroes joke about trying to keep up with every super powered human out there, even suggesting a registration process, which is quickly shot down by Tony. Tony tells Betty she would not understand any of what is going on as she is normal, she has no idea what it means to wield tremendous power and Bruce should be handled by those who do.

The next day, Jen starts testing the hulk serum on a lab rodent, turning on the Dead Kennedys to test the creature's reaction to rage. Betty comes storming in, finding Jen testing the serum. As soon as she demands to know what modifications were made, the lab rodent hulks out, growing twenty times its size. While the rodent is seen as a beast, it remains calm and able to be petted. Betty speaks to Fury the next day, revealing to him that Jen is a traitor, shopping the serum to the Chinese. Betty gets Fury to authorize Jen to take the serum out of the lab, following her to find out if she really is a traitor. Fury allows it, giving Betty everything she needs.

Betty secures a Quinjet to take her where ever she wants, using a recording of Fury to get her way. Fury follows Jen, seeing her exchanging a briefcase for some cash. Fury and his team pin down Jen and her buyer, opening the briefcase to discover a bootleg copy of Star Trek. Fury realizes his mistake and tries to get a hold of Betty who has already departed. As the pilot of the Quinjet receives the order to turn around, Betty injects herself with the Hulk serum, transforming in front of their eyes into a female version of the Hulk. Before the agents can stop her, she realizes how much power she has, jumping out of the jet and falling towards the Hulk and Wolverine. Hulk instantly realizes the new creature is Betty, still bitter about her breaking his heart, promising to break her as revenge.


Publication Notes

  • Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk Vol. 1 was adapted in a motion comic mini-series comprised of 6 episodes called Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk. The mini-series was created by Marvel Knights Animation and released by Shout! Factory on DVD in September 10, 2013.

Chronology Notes

There are several flashbacks that take up the majority of the issue, and they're from the point of view of Betty Ross. They affect the chronology of the following characters:

Betty Ross:

  • 🢐 Pages 1-4 🢒 Betty gets a phone call at home from Bruce Banner. Three weeks later, Betty and Jennifer Walters discuss the ramifications of trying to fix the Hulk serum, while they watch Logan's initial meeting with Nick Fury when he assigns Logan to kill the Hulk.
  • 🢐 Pages 5-20 🢒 - Jennifer consults Tony Stark and Steve Rogers about the Hulk serum issue, and then she meets Jen Walters, who successfully tests the serum on a rodent with good results. She tells Nick Fury, who arrests Jennifer, but they both realize that Betty set them up. Meanwhile, Betty flies over the Himalayas in a jet with the stolen serum, and after injecting herself with it, she jumps off of the plane, landing on the ground next to Hulk and Wolverine, interrupting their fight.

Jennifer Walters:

  • Pages 2-4 🢒 - Jennifer and Betty discuss the ramifications of improving the Hulk serum.
  • 🢐 Pages 5-20 - Jennifer tests it on a lab rat, with good results. She is arrested by SHIELD for selling the serum to foreigners, but Nick Fury and Jennifer realize that Betty set them both up so she could steal the serum.


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