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Quote1.png I found Banner. He threw me through a wall. We fought in the snow. He ripped me in half. Everything went black. You woke me up. And now I'm a head. Quote2.png
Wolverine's severed head, explaining the events that lead to his head being removed.

Appearing in "Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk Episode 5: As Told in Five Parts"

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Synopsis for "Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk Episode 5: As Told in Five Parts"

Part 1:

In Which Logan Pisses Off a Panda

Logan is standing in the middle of a bamboo field, completely naked. He hears a voice beckoning him from behind, causing him to turn around, and he sees a panda standing there chewing on a thistle. As they exchange pleasantries, Logan wonders if he is truly awake. The panda assures him that he is dreaming but this is really happening at the same time. The panda reveals himself to be Logan's spirit animal, which makes Logan break out in laughter, having a hard time believing his spirit animal is something other than a wolverine. After the panda grows tired of Logan calling him cuddly, the two start throwing punches at each other. As they fight, the panda explains the Logan that he must not tell them that she was there. A confused Logan asks the panda who, only to find out he is just a head.

Part 2:

In Which Logan Loses His Head

Nick Fury is keeping Logan's head separated from his body on a table. Fury learns that Logan breathes through his skin, keeping his head alive even when separated from his lungs. They have tried taking the air away from Logan in order to keep him from coming back. Fury reveals all this to Logan in order to coax him into telling him what happened in Tibet. Logan tells Fury, he arrived, found Banner, was thrown through the wall, ripped in half, and then blacked out. Fury pushes Logan, asking about when Betty showed up, which Logan denies ever happening. Logan slips up, admitting he saw the nuclear bomb that was dropped by Fury. Fury needs to know what the Hulk and Betty said to each other, knowing they both survived the attack. While Logan does not reveal the final conversation between the lovers, he thinks back to the nuclear attack.

Part 3:

In Which We Once Again Flash Back in Time to Explain Things Better (How Original)

Logan remembers Hulk becoming angry for what Betty did to Banner, grabbing Betty and tossing her into the side of a mountain like a javelin. Hulk jumps after his former love, while Logan watches them fight. The two continue to fight, and Betty jumps on Hulk. Logan is unsure when Betty and Hulk are fighting or screwing, only knowing both are simultaneously happening. Logan looks away, finding a nuclear bomb heading right towards them. Betty tells Hulk she loves him, and Hulk leaps at the bomb and punches it. Logan leaves off Hulk's response from his memory.

Part 4:

In Which Logan Makes a Valuable Ally in His Toilet Bowl

Logan wakes up in a SHIELD cell, his hands enclosed in electric cuffs, stopping him from making fists. Logan stops for a second, picking up a scent of someone in his toilet. Forge crawling out of the bowl. Forge is trying to escape, able to do so since he designed the Triskelion's security system. With Forge's intelligence, he helps Logan escape the prison. The duo climb out of a sewer in the Greenwich Village, Logan asking for one more favor from the mutant genius. They end up in one of Forge's hidden labs, where Logan requests an unbreakable collar, a device so strong it resits any form of inertia. After seeing the collar in action, he asks Forge for another one, this one for a female.

Part 5:

In Which Logan Ignores the Panda's Advice and Screws Himself Good at the End of the Issue

Logan remembers the Hulk's final words to Betty before the bomb exploded in Tibet. His words were "Meet me in Casablanca." This prompts Logan to let Forge know where he is heading to next, unknowingly revealing his plans to Nick Fury, who is observing their conversation through a hidden camera.


Publication Notes

  • Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk Vol. 1 was adapted in a motion comic mini-series comprised of 6 episodes called Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk. The mini-series was created by Marvel Knights Animation and released by Shout! Factory on DVD in September 10, 2013.

Chronology Notes

There are a few flashbacks in this issue, as well as a dream, and they affect the chronology of the following characters.


  • Pages 1-6 Next Appearance of Pages 1-6 - Logan's dream, in which he fights, and gets advice from, the panda.
  • Previous Appearance of Pages 13-15 Pages 13-15 - Wolverine's memories of Hulk's fight with Betty.


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  • In Forge's lab, Wolverine holds a box of pretzels with the Dharma Initiative logo from the television series Lost on the front. Damon Lindelof was a writer for Lost.

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