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Listen, I...I ain't long for this world. How 'bout letting an old crook...steal one last kiss.
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Shut up with that! I won't let you leave me.
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Appearing in "Ultimate Sacrifice"

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  • Gem of Cyttorak

Synopsis for "Ultimate Sacrifice"

The X-Men train together in the Danger Room against simulations of villains Spider-Man fought against. Meanwhile, Rogue and Gambit try to seek revenge against Gambit's former employers, Fenris. They are confronted by a lovestruck and jealous Juggernaut, who tries to come between Rogue and Gambit. They fight for a while until it results in both Gambit's and Juggernaut's apparent deaths. Before Gambit dies, Rogue grants his final wish with a kiss but ends up absorbing his powers. She later contacts the X-Men she'll be hitting the road for a while... alone.


  • Gambit and Juggernaut both apparently die in this issue
  • Rogue absorbs Gambit's powers for a while before he dies.

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Recommended Reading

  • Ultimate X-Men #13-14 (first appearance of Gambit)
  • Ultimate X-Men #7-12 (first appearances of Rogue and Juggernaut, and their time at Weapon X)
  • Ultimate X-Men #50-53 (Gambit's return and new status quo)


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