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Appearing in "Hellfire and Brimstone (Part I)"

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Synopsis for "Hellfire and Brimstone (Part I)"

Kitty Pryde is your normal teenage New Yorker who just wants to be treated as an adult. After getting in a fight with her mother, Kitty sinks through the floor of their apartment. She then phases through the wall into the street, and through a few cars before ending up in sewer. After struggling with her powers for months, Kitty's mother, Theresa, receives a reply from Charles Xavier, asking to arrange a meeting at their earliest convenience.

At Xavier's School for gifted Children, Jean Grey takes Kitty on a tour of the school while Xavier takes her mother in her office to discuss the purpose of the institution. Theresa expresses her concern of the violence and safety associated with the X-Men, hoping to keep her daughter out of harm. Theresa agrees to let Kitty join the school as long as she does not end up with a silly name or in a fight against a lunatic.

After Kitty and her mother are driven away, Jean Grey starts having psychotic visions of a phoenix that have been buried deep in her mind.

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