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Synopsis for "Hellfire and Brimstone (Part II)"

Quick Silver is leading his sister and the animal evolutionaries through Pakistan and India to disarm their nuclear capabilities. Quicksilver's intentions are to prove to the world, and those who turned their back on him, that the Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy are on track to ruling the homo-sapiens. The Evolutionaries are becoming fed up with Quicksilver's pacifist tactics against humanity, wishing to prove they are mightier than those left in the Brotherhood.

At Xavier's school, Charles Xavier attempts to comfort Jean Grey as it has been a four weeks since her mental attack. Jean still fears the phoenix as it was the last image she saw when she burned down the mental institution. Xavier pushes for her to keep her mind off of it by helping Beast and Wolverine feel as welcome with the X-Men as she has done with Kitty Pryde. Elsewhere in the school, Kitty finds Cyclops, asking if she could join him and Colossus on a mission to the Savage Land. While Cyclops declines, Wolverine interrupts, telling Cyclops that the mission would be good for her. Cyclops and Wolverine start to argue over the romantic feelings of Jean before things become physical. Before Wolverine and Cyclops can drastically injure one another, Xavier stops them, placing Cyclops in cerebral detention. Xavier is quickly snapped out of it, noticing Jean having another mental attack.

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