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Synopsis for "Hellfire and Brimstone (Part IV)"

Cyclops and Wolverine continue their search for the missing soldiers in the Savage Land. Their search comes to a halt after finding the soldiers, dead but rebuilt with cyber parts. To their astonishment, the computer system of the Savage Land has become aware of its surroundings, creating a need to survive. The machine explains its purpose and how it is the next stage of evolution, but before it can assimilate Wolverine and Cyclops, Kitty Pryde phases through it, shorting out its technology before taking its first steps towards global domination.

At Xavier's School, the rest of the X-Men watch as Bobby Drake makes a decision on whether or not to sue Xavier for damages done during a mission in London. While Bobby decides against using Senator Turk's statement against Xavier, the Hellfire Club see it is time for them for the X-Men to meet their financiers.

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