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Synopsis for "Hellfire and Brimstone (Part V)"

Charles Xavier finally meets the Hellfire Club, the benefactors behind Xavier's School. While enjoying the festivities and meeting various celebrities, Xavier meets Sebastian Shaw of Shaw Industries, the current grandmaster of the Hellfire Club. To the surprise of Xavier and his X-Men, the Hellfire Club reveal themselves as a secret society formed to bring about the Phoenix God to create a new world. Shaw reveals that Jean Grey is the vessel that the Phoenix has chosen, but Xavier refuses to believe that to be true, thinking Jean is only acting out towards changes in her life. Shaw calls forth the Phoenix, the fiery force taking over Jean's body. Angered by its awakening, the Phoenix kills the members of the Hellfire Club, gaining revenge on Shaw for the use of Jean's body. As Phoenix starts to repair the world, Xavier stops her, calming the spirit by reminding Jean of her teenage ways.

After the Phoenix Force is stopped, the X-Men receive a distress call from Beast. Beast reveals that his date was a trap to pull the information about Magneto's rehabilitation out of his head. Before any of the X-Men can process the information, metalic objects are thrust into the sky spelling out "Thank You Charles," Signifying the return of vengeful Magneto, looking to reclaim all that was taken from him.


This issue continues right into Ultimate War #1

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