Quote1.png Within ten years, every government in the world will be taking orders from this insignificant little island. Within twenty, the entire human race will be speaking the mutant language we invented. Quote2.png
-- Erik Lensherr

Appearing in "Return of the King (Prelude)"

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Supporting Characters:


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Races and Species:

  • Humans (Main story and flashback)
  • Mutants (Main story and flashback)


Synopsis for "Return of the King (Prelude)"

The history of Magneto and Xavier are explored in this prequel to the "Return of the King" seven-part storyline. Eight years ago, Xavier left his family to begin his journey with Magneto. Xavier says that his family will not miss him because his wife has "been thinking about a separation for quite some time now" and that his son, David, is too busy playing sports and video games. A year later they end up in San Antonio, saving a young mutant named Ricky Gibson from an informal execution.

From there Magneto and Xavier start to build a refuge for runaway mutant, to help with their special needs, starting with a mansion in San Fransisco and later the building of the institution in the Savage Land. Magneto soon develops a paranoia towards Xavier, believing Xavier plans to stop his dream of a mutant ruled world. Months later, Xavier attempts to escape, but is stopped with a sharp metal hitting him in this back. Magneto makes his presence known to the world, revealing his Brotherhood of Mutants as the terrorist group he created them to be.

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