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Synopsis for "Return of the King (Part II)"

The X-Men attempt to prove their innocence to the American public, attempting to stop any terrorist attack that is brought on by mutantkind. While some Americans are becoming aware of what the X-Men stand for, the majority are still skeptical of their true intentions. Nick Fury holds Xavier at X-Force, a mutant detention unit at Guantanamo, attempting to strike a deal to reveal the location of Magneto and his X-Men. When Xavier refuses to betray this team, Nightcrawler is brought in, revealing the struggle S.H.I.E.L.D. psychics are having probing his mind.

Thanks to Jean Grey's powers, the X-Men are staying with an unsuspecting family, their minds clouded. Jean is upset with Wolverine, still believing that he has something to do with the death of Cyclops. She claims the Phoenix is still insider her, giving a boost in her telepathic powers, allowing her to be able to read his closed off mind. Before they can go any further, Magneto appears as a hologram to provide them the same offer he offered his children: he offers them a final chance to join the winning side, putting their troubled past behind him. They have one week to decide.

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