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Synopsis for "Return of the King (Part III)"

It has been four weeks since Wolverine and Kitty Pryde returned from the Savage Land without Cyclops. Four weeks since Wolverine left Cyclops to fall down a chasm, leaving him injured and stranded. Over the next twenty-six days, Cyclops comes to terms with his situation, counting his broken bones and finding ways to get the nutrition he needs to survive, before he is rescued by shadowed men. He is brought to Magneto's Citadel.

The X-Men continue their task of finding Magneto and preventing the Brotherhood from doing any more damage to the world that hates them. As they get closer to finding Magneto, Xavier and Nightcrawler remain at Camp X-Factor. S.H.I.E.L.D. psychics have finally broken through Nightcrawler's mental block and discovered the whereabouts of Doctor MacTaggert and the ill mutants she has been hiding. While Nightcrawler is concerned, Xavier tells him to look at all the good that is coming from their incarceration, as more and more mutants are discovering the views of Professor X.

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