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Synopsis for "Return of the King (Part IV)"

It is finally time for Magneto to use his doomsday machine. He has given his fellow mutants time to choose their sides, either join him in the Citadel, or die with the homo-sapiens on Earth. Either way, humanity will be no more and Mutantkind will become the dominant species on the planet. Magneto starts his machine, building up power to use his magnetism to start worldwide destruction. While the machine builds up, Magneto has a team breaking out the mutant's captured in X-Force.

Down in the Magneto's Citadel, Cyclops is receiving medical treatment. Many of the doctors have no clue who he is but soon discover his true identity when Cyclops stands and fires his optic beams, demanding to see Magneto. Cyclops is brought to Magneto, where he attempts to stop him from causing any destruction. While Magneto thinks Cyclops is a blind fool, Cyclops reveals his communicator, having the X-Jet crash into Magneto's Citadel. The X-Men rush Magneto and his army, sending Kitty to destroy the Doomsday machine. As a last resort, Magneto climbs back in and destabilizes a nuclear power plant north of Florida, giving the east coast a death sentence.

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