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Synopsis for "Return of the King (Part V)"

With Magneto's last stand, he holds the X-Men captive as he plans his torturous revenge, starting with Wolverine. As Magneto pulls on Wolverine's adamantium covered bones, Colossus relieves himself from Magneto's hold, charging forward and breaking the villain's force on the X-Men. The X-Men take control of the battle, pushing Magneto into a corner where his mind can be compromised by Jean Grey. As a last resort, Magneto chooses to end his life, taking over a stealth fighter and bringing it down upon himself. Unlucky for Magneto, Jean Grey has placed the X-Men and Magneto under psychic shielding, keeping everyone alive.

In Florida, Americans are evacuating the area around the damaged nuclear power plant. Xavier, Nightcrawler, Rogue and other mutants play heroes, helping with the evacuation and holding back the radiation pouring out of the plant. Xavier and his crew are losing strength as the explosion becomes more powerful. Xavier calls on his X-Men for help, but they are too far to be of any use. Jean starts to feel the Phoenix force grow within her, transporting her to Xavier's location to handle the nuclear situation. To the amazement of Xavier, Jean uses her enhanced telepathic powers to lift the entire nuclear plant from the Earth.

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