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Wolverine takes flight as a rocket caries him to his demise. At the last second, Wolverine claws himself around the flying weapon, flinging himself off the missile before it explodes, leaving Wolverine stranded in Hell's Kitchen. Spider-Man swings towards the explosion, looking for Wolverine. Wolverine stays in the shadows, ditching the web-swinger to rest and let his wounds heal. As Wolverine takes a breather he is found and questioned by Daredevil.

Daredevil figures Wolverine, while smelling like a dog, is innocent of the attacks in his neighborhood. Before anything else can go down between Wolverine and Daredevil, the diaper vans show up once again, having successfully tracked Wolverine once again. Daredevil disappears before Wolverine can ask for his help so Wolverine takes on these agents on his own. Tara comes out wearing adamantium armor, firing an adamantium bullet into Wolverine's head. Before Tara can give Wolverine a killing blow, Daredevil returns to protect his home.


This cover is similar as the one of Ultimate Spider-Man #52.

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