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Xavier explores the memories of Weapon X within Wolverine's mind. There Xavier discovers Tara, the girl that has been hunting Wolverine down, was a soldier in the program, standing behind John Wraith. After Wolverine exits the room, Xavier contacts Nick Fury, discussing this new threat to his X-Men. Fury tells Xavier that they can handle it and the X-Men should not be doing any fighting at this moment as they are a peace keeping force.

Wolverine walks into the dining area where he gets stared down by his fellow X-Men. Wolverine, feeling the judgemental eyes of his team mates, leaves to sit in the yard, where he is joined by Jean Grey. Jean tells Wolverine that she will never forgive him for trying to kill Cyclops. While she trusts Xavier's judgement and will treat him like a team mate, anything romantic between them is over. Jean starts to feel a presence in the distance. There a helicopter flies, sent by Tara to locate Wolverine once again. The pilots do not think they are noticed, until a fiery Jean Grey comes soaring towards them. The Phoenix takes hold of Jean once again, taking over her actions, destroying the helicopter and its passengers to the shock of Wolverine and Xavier.

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