Appearing in "New Mutants (Part II)"

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  • Unnamed Mutant (Death)


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Synopsis for "New Mutants (Part II)"

Unknown to himself, A boy hits puberty developing mutant powers. He is running late for school, unable to find his breakfast or his mother. The world outside his home seems empty, but there are still people left. But as he turns, those people start to burn up. At school, the boy struggles with normal teenage problems. His girlfriend wants attention and his parents have strict phone rules. But his problems become worse as his schoolmates, including his girlfriend, start to burn up in front of his eyes.

Wolverine arrives at some caves, sent on a solo mission for the X-Men. Wolverine finds the mutant boy hiding in the cave and hands him a beer, explaining the situation with him. The boy is a danger to both human and mutant society. The 265 people killed by his powers will be covered up as a chemical leak and the boy's story will never be revealed, but talking to the boy was not the mission Wolverine was sent on. Wolverine leaves the cave alone the next morning.

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