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Synopsis for "New Mutants (Part III)"

In Washington DC, advisers are worried about the President's approval with the nation. There are rumors about the President's mental defenses as people are concerned about psychics tampering with their leader's mind. With brain scans, it is noted that the President has had no psychic interference. His advisers are still concerned about the President's relation with Xavier that they decide to bring in a new mutant adviser that would be a better public image, Emma Frost.

At the Xavier School, Cyclops worries about Jean and the way her powers have been acting up. Elsewhere, Storm figures out how to create miniature storm clouds and rushes to show Beast. To her discovery, Beast has cleared out his room and left the school. Xavier sends Cyclops on a mission with Kitty and Colossus to speak to Dazzler, a performer who is looking to outing herself as a mutant in order to further her career.

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"New Mutants," pt. 3.

Introducing Ultimate Dazzler! But is she friend or foe?

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