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Synopsis for "New Mutants (Part IV)"

Storm is angry over the fact Beast left without anyone knowing. Xavier uses Cerebro to locate the missing team member and finds him in Washington DC. Xavier appears to Beast through a mental projection, questioning Beast on his reasoning for abandoning the X-Men. Beast refuses to let Xavier know why he left the team, thanking Xavier for everything he has done for him but he no longer wants any part of the Xavier School.

In the President's war room, Emma Frost introduces herself to the President and his associates. When Emma reveals herself to be a mutant, she is promptly tackled to the table as a security threat. After she is physically released, Emma goes on to explain her protective powers, her relation to mutants, and her relation to Xavier. It is revealed Emma once had a relation with Xavier until both their ideals clashed. Emma looks to educate the public about mutants and create a positive image of the species. She feels Xavier is only creating more violence through his training techniques. After her explanation, the President decides to side with Emma Frost to have a better stand on mutant rights. A team is chosen from a group of mutants that would better present the President's new action.

After Emma and the President leave the war room, the shadowy group of discuss how the mutant problem is growing, especially since they assume Xavier knows they were behind the Weapon X attacks on Wolverine. They feel the need to stop the President, making a stand against mutants.

Xavier explains to his students the limited details on Beast's exit from the X-Men, confining that he does not know what is happening but it is not good. As Xavier tells this, Nick Fury arrives by helicopter.

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