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Synopsis for "New Mutants (Part V)"

During Angel and Wolverine's training session, Wolverine picks up on Nick Fury's scent, locating him in Xavier's office. Fury has come to alert Xavier on the President's plans to no longer associate with the X-Men while still appearing mutant friendly. Fury tells the X-Men that they have close ties to the new group of mutants the President is associating himself with. Former X-Men member Beast, Cyclops' brother Alex, and Emma Frost have connections with various members of the X-Men. Nick Fury also warns that the group behind the attacks in New York over Wolverine are part members of the US government. Fury cannot be much help to the X-Men but gives them the information so they can do what they need to do on their own.

In the nation's capital, the President throws his support behind Emma Frost and her new group of mutants in front of mutant sympathizers and protestors. The X-Men arrive to observe the President's actions but are thrown into battle when a group of Sentinels appear on the capital steps. The Sentinels blast away, firing at the mutant threat. Before the X-Men can get to the President to protect him, Storm comes across Beast, laying lifeless on the capital steps.

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