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Synopsis for "New Mutants (Part VI)"

After finding the body of Beast, Storm goes berserk, creating a large electrical storm taking down the Sentinel threat. Her unpredictability becomes hazardous to the by standing crowd, the damaged Sentinels falling being held up by Jean's telekinesis. Xavier puts Storm into a deep sleep, stopping her emotional outrage. Xavier communicates to Emma Frost, telling her that while her ideals are necessary, the world is not yet ready to listen.

Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. arrive at the capital, letting Xavier and the other mutants escape. After Fury locates the President, he discusses their options as only three people had access to the Sentinel program. In the war room, discussions are made towards war against mutants. The admiral and the secretary of defense plan to spin the attack as an assassination on the President and publicly declare that they lead the charge against the mutants. Unknown to the admiral, Nick Fury has already infiltrated this private meeting with Karma taking hold of the secretary's mind. Fury now has enough proof to arrest the admiral and secretary.

After Beast's funeral, Xavier invites Emma and her mutants to join the X-Men. While Emma and Xavier have different ideals on mutant and human collaboration, Xavier is open to having new ideas at the school. The only question is, what do they do next?

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